Actress, Ireti Doyle, has said being famous had nothing to do with her failed marriage to actor and media personality, Patrick Doyle.

She made this statement while reacting to a fan named Vicky, who commented about her failed marriage.

In a series of tweets posted on Saturday by Doyle, Vicky said, “It really does break my heart seeing respected celebrities like you that most of us see as role models, having marital challenges that later lead to divorce. Does that mean that keeping your home and fame is not possible?”

The actress responded, “One has got nothing to do with the other.”In her series of tweets, Doyle noted that fame and fortune came with a certain level of responsibility.

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“Whether I realised, liked, signed up for it, or not, with ‘fame and fortune’ comes a certain level of responsibility which should guide the way one moves. Wisdom, not cowardice,” she wrote.

In an interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, published on Thursday, Doyle said that she did not engage in speculations about her failed marriage because it was nobody’s business.

She said, “We are officially divorced. Do you see me talking about my personal life in public? That is nobody’s business. One is not entitled to that. That I am an actor and I ply my trade in the public arena does not make anyone entitled to my personal life. And quite frankly, I do not owe anyone any explanation. So, go ahead and speculate all you want, if it helps you to digest your morning tea.

“My life is not an animation. I cannot sacrifice my life on the altar of your imagination or fantasy. If I hurt anyone, I am sorry. I had to choose me.”

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