A civil society group, Lawyers for Peter Obi, has called on the Independent National Electoral Commission and other security agencies to stand up to their duties in the forthcoming elections.

Particularly, the group called the Nigerian Police Force to avoid being used by politicians and people who don’t mean well for Nigerians.

The convener of the Lawyers for Peter Obi, Kelechukwu Uzoka, said, “Over the past few weeks, there have been numerous complaints from Nigerian voters about INEC and its officials collaborating with security agencies and politicians in this election to prevent citizens, particularly those perceived to be supporters of Peter Obi and the Labour Party, from obtaining permanent voter cards.’’

According to him, “It is no longer news that INEC officials are assisting and abetting the bulk collection of PVCs by political party stalwarts as well as charging citizens for PVC collection, raising an ethical question about the type of staff INEC employs or recruits.

“We have had several reports in different parts of Lagos where INEC officials are deliberately slowing down the PVC collection process in many wards in a bid to frustrate and disenfranchise Nigerians.

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“A typical example is in Ward A in Iyana Iba in Alimosho Local Government, Lagos, where INEC officials are deliberately playing delay tactics so that perceived Labour Party supporters will not get their PVCs.

“In some wards, if a name appears to be from an ethnic group in the South East or South South, you may be told that your PVC is not ready or has not been seen. There are similar issues like this in different places in Lagos and other parts of the country.

“In Sokoto State, some miscreants enabled by the security agencies are attacking non-indigenes who go to collect their PVCs in Sokoto South L.G.A., Sokoto North L.G.A., Wamako L.G.A., and Dange Shuni LGA, and these are areas that have a huge population of non-indigenes in the state. In Sokoto South L.G.A., the following PVC collection centres and wards are of particular concern: Gagi A, Gagi B, Gagi C, Sarkin Zamfara B, and also R.A. Tafida Amin Primary School and Girls Govt. College, among others.”

He added that “In Dange Shuni LGA, they have these issues mostly in Tuntube Tsehe and Rikina. In Wamako L.G.A., we have this unfortunate incident prevalent in Arkilla and Kalanbaina. In Sokoto North, we have such an issue mostly in Sarkin Adar Gandu (1).

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