The Last Ride episode 3 preview: The Undertaker wrestles with retirement


Across sport and entertainment, it is a rare sight to see someone truly go out on their own terms.
At the height of their game, as their star shines brightest.
There always tends to be one last match, or a final season, where the star fades and we finish with a somewhat tainted version of the legend that has been with us for years.
In the third installment of the WWE Network’s The Last Ride, chronicling the The Undertaker – both in his own words, those of his contemporaries and some incredible never before seen footage – we see The Deadman faced with the same dilemma.
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With his body starting to creek, it’s clear Taker wants to call it a day – but on his terms, his way.
With the career he has had, he deserves the box-office ending. The show-stopper match, that leaves everyone breathless, the fitting ‘Last Ride’, if you will.
That could have been at Wrestlemania 34 with John Cena, but a three-minute squash match was no way to write the final chapter. His disappointment at that is tangible, and fuels his fire to carry on and pursue the perfect ending.
Fascinating is the look back on Taker’s Wrestlemania matches with Shawn Michaels, and then Triple H.
The matches with the Heartbreak Kid offered him the perfect route out of the business, the like of which Taker yearns for.
The follow on matches with Triple H, are pure joy. Storytelling at its best, this is what the wrestling business is all about.
Fans in the Middle East can also look forward to Taker’s first foray into Saudi Arabia.
He speaks of his honour to be in the Kingdom, the fans, and his match with Rusev
Another installment not to be missed.
The Last Ride episode 3 is available this Sunday at 6pm; episode 4 – June 14 at 6pm; and episode 5 – June 21 at 6pm all exclusively on the WWE Network.
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