People Talk: FG school feeding programme during lockdown (4)


People Talk: FG school feeding programme during lockdown (4)

People Talk: FG school feeding programme during lockdown (4)
Hajiya Sadiya Umar Farouq

By Olayinka Latona

“The school feeding programme is a welcome development but the timing is totally wrong.  The huge amount allocated for such programme is tantamount to wastage, the nation’s economy is already fluctuating, and such a huge amount should rather be diverted into other programs that would improve the nation’s economy.” —Aluko Ahmad, Corps member.

“School activities have been put to a halt by this same FG, how come they still want to implement this programme when the reality is that, a large percentage of the supposed beneficiaries of the school feeding programme are at home?  This is an epitome of misplaced priority.” —Adegbile Victor, Social Commentator

“It is a good idea if only the money will be spent justly on the programme.The government should look more into how to contain the virus, provide more testing kits for hospitals, improve our health sector and do more sensitization.

“FG should work on how to get things back to normal instead of talking about feeding for children.” –Zakariyau Oluyemi, Entrepreneur

“Mere looking at this, it speaks a lot about another fraudulent means by the federal government to fend for the pockets of some people. Are they planning to feed students that are in their homes?

“Why not divert the funds to the pockets of parents and let them feed their own wards? FG doesnt have business feeding children.” —Tanimola Femi, Corps Member.

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“It is preposterous spending billions of naira on such program even when these children are not going to school currently. It is another scheme to launder public funds.

“The best they can do in this turbulent time is to provide palliatives to peopleto sustain themselves amidst the lockdown.” — Adebayo Muheez, Writer

“The Nation is currently battling with the coronavirus and in turn, everyone including school children have been enjoined to stay at home indefinitely, this therefore has made it impossible to achieve the aim of the school feeding programme.

“FG should please desist from wasting the little that we have.” —Odunayo Ayobami, Student

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