‘Lockdown without social amenities’, Nigerians rate FG, state govts’ responses to COVID-19


‘Lockdown without social amenities’, Nigerians rate FG, state govts’ responses to COVID-19

'Lockdown without social amenities', Nigerians rate FG, state govts' responses to COVID-19

By Rasheed Sobowale

“This is where we find ourselves, lockdown without social amenities nor any palliative. It’s so heartbreaking our leaders are not leaving up to expectations,” a twitter user Light Odewingie (@LuvlyEddy) commented.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic which has killed two people so far in Nigeria, the Federal Government has ordered the lockdown of two hotspot states ― Lagos, Abuja ― and Ogun State.

Ogun State’s number of confirmed cases is low when compared to Lagos and Abuja but the lockdown order was necessary “due to its close proximity to Lagos and the high traffic between the two States” according to the president, Muhammadu Buhari during his national address on the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a precautionary measure, many state governments have also announced a cessation of movements as many of them closed their land borders.

To gather Nigerians thought on the Federal Government and their state governments’ responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, we asked our social media followers “#TalkToVanguard: On a scale of 1 – 10, rate the FG, State govts’ on their responses to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in Nigeria. Comment your lockdown experience #LockdownDiary”

Some of our followers appear disappointed with the way the governments at the state and federal levels have been handling the development.

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“It should have been on a scale of 0 – 10… Since there is no option for 0…… I go for 1” Mac Franklin, a Twitter user commented.

Ademola Iyanuoluwa said; “You supposed write on a scale of 0-10, what if they didn t scored up to 1. Just saying o”

Awaji-ikeke Awaji, a Facebook user said; “0, no provision 4 d poor masses out there, suffering from hunger as a result of markets being lucked down, despite d huge amount donated by the elites of dis country, it’s nt fair ooooo”.

– States responded better –

A Twitter user. Onyeka Okafor (@onyeka1122) rated the FG 1 and States 2.
Terna Mffo. a Facebook user, who believes Lagos responded better replied; “My ratings for federal government 0/10, state (Lagos 4/10); others 2/10”
Odunewu Nelson Ismail posted; “Federal government 1/10, while Lagos state government is 6/10.”

– Ersatz disease –

Not all of our followers that reacted to the poll believed the coronavirus indeed exist. According to Christopher Okpea Imonitie, the coronavirus pandemic is; “Rubbish and scam, I said many times no coronavirus case in Nigerian,… stop spreading fake news WHO will not give Nigeria any money.”

– Call for palliative –

Rating the FG and State governments zero, Episteme Mastermind (@EpistemeMaster1) stated why; “They have killed people silently than the Covid-19… Stay at home has been the ringing tone, what have they provided for citizens’ to really stay at home?? If we really know the meaning of stay at home in other countries, we’ll appreciate better.”

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“I believe my people here in Kaduna state won’t rate the Government anything greater than 0 (< or =0) because hunger have started killing people ooo”, Mukail Abdulhafeez reacted.

Joe Okafor, a Facebook user said; “What are we measuring them for? Is it for chasing everybody indoors without means of feeding? They allowed this virus to settle in Nigeria before acting, now they are receiving donations without spending it on useful materials. I rate them 1.”
Elijah Peter, also a Facebook user, said: “If this continues there will be more sickness not covid19, but other sickness because someone staying one place for 14 days is not a joke when there is no food in the house, no light, this government and the leaders are self center.dont be surprised to have more patient in the hospital for this two weeks.”

– Call for divine intervention –

Some of the users that replied our poll revealed they have their faith in the divine and not in the government whatsoever.

“Coronavirus is a leveler, a big lesson for those who want to learn, both state and federal government had failed before Corona came.

“Our hope is in Christ not in this present government that feed us with lies, prior before Corona, people are dying because of hardship and hunger, and malaria has killed millions of Nigerians,” a Facebook fan, Udeze Uzoukwu, said.

Modestus Anyagham, another Facebook user said; “The sting is already broken, the virus’s grave shall contain itself; our shield is of the Lord, not man or men. Amen”

The coronavirus was first detected in the city of Wuhan in China, late December last year, 2015. Chinese health authorities on December 31st alerted the WHO of several pneumonia cases after which the first death was announced on January 7, 2020.

Since then, the virus has spread across more than 180 countries worldwide killing more than 43, 000 people worldwide.

Nigeria, the most populous country in the African continent recorded its first case of the coronavirus on February 27, 2020. As at 12:30 pm, 1st April, there are 151 confirmed cases.

A breakdown of the cases indicated: Lagos- 82; FCT- 28; Osun- 14; Oyo- 8; Ogun- 4; Edo- 4; Kaduna- 3; Enugu- 2; Bauchi- 2; Ekiti- 2; Rivers-1; and Benue- 1.

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