At the glance of celebration, factors must be put in place to critically juxtapose rise and fall of individuals over the year, so as to have a conclusively arrival and as such chart a new path way for fostering self development for the betterment of his immediate environment. We may not get what we desire from man as the best of man remain a man.

It’s imperative for us to keep crawling even though we are not at our best.

An emerging leader not in Owo or Ondo state alone but in Nigeria at large among his peer, Ashami.

Leadership has been erroneously misinterpreted and the definition varies based on proximity and level of relationship. However, conventional view recently has now be distorted as a result of stomach infrastructure et al.

Youth representation is all about diversity and ability to breakthrough where you have no way. It’s indeed in an ideology that “everybody anywhere everywhere can be better person regardless of his or her background”.

My notion about Ashami from infant was characterized by misconception, mistrust and misinterpretation not until I had my first encounter with him. I was at distance discussion when I heard him encouraging the “neglected youth’s” in the society about the need to restructure and equip their selves with skills(handwork) and also go back to school.

This was like a mirage to me. Furthermore, I began a little research about him and I discovered he’s committed towards payment of some youth’s in tertiary institutions. I know this enough could not liberate my polluted mind towards him.

I pushed further to conduct a limore test for him. He over surprised me. Since, then I know sure Ashami is an indeed treasure to be unleash soon among his generation.

Beyond the fugacious razzmatazz of this moment 4/3/2020 let me join thousands of those who will celebrate 21st Century Political Analyst and Social rendezvous personale.

You’re great beyond measure and I know for sure the sky is your starting point. A- Auscious S- Sacrificial H- Happygolucky A- Amazing M- Meritous I- Industrious Felix Natalis brother.

Desmond Awoyo

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