Deplanet Vows Support As He Described Hon. Chief.Samuel Adegbegi As Humble, Reliable and Trustworthy Person


“Hon. Chief. Samuel Adegbegi has a listening ear, he is humble, reliable and trustworthy” says Joseph Nelson Ayodele ( Deplanet) while briefing news men in an interview section over his decision to pull his maximum support for Hon. Chief Samuel Adegbegi as the chairman of Owo Local Government in the forthcoming Ondo State chairmanship election slated for 18th April, 2020.

Joseph Nelson Ayodele ( Deplanet), a previous Owo Local Government Chairmanship Aspirant under the umbrella of All Progressive Congress (APC) who announced his withdrawal from the April 18 Chairmanship election through a press release made available to news men on 27th January said his withdrawal from the race was due to various consultations with the Top APC leaders and supporters.

Ayodele who promised his maximum support to the chairmanship aspirants Mr Samuel Adegbegi, said the decision was a difficult one though the love and patriotism he has towards Owo Local Government has made it possible. “I stepped down from the contest after consultations with leaders of the APC and my supporters. It was a difficult decision to make, because of the love and patriotism I have for Owo Local Government”.

He further explained that the chairmanship aspirant who have been a consistent member of the party right from the time it was name AD, AC, ACN, ACD till present APC has never benefited from the party to his own knowledge.

Joseph Nelson Ayodele ( Deplanet), who is optimistic said if Hon. Chief Adegbegi is given the leadership mantle to run the affairs of Owo Local Government as the local Government chairman , Owo will take a new live.

He urge both his supporter and general Owo Local government inhabitants to support him with their votes to make the effort a reality

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