“Decision” A Poem By Comr. Oluwaseun Ogunniyi


An action that can be taken in just a second,
An action that determine ones future,
Thousands rise, millions fall,
All the name of decision.

Deeply in my heart there I think
What decision shall I make?,
Morning, Afternoon and Night thousands of taught flows in my heart,
Then I asked,
what decision shall I make?

Begging turn order of the day,
Accepting without prior decision,
Deceiving masses with Naira,
Eating National cake alone,
There I sing what decision shall make?

Poor beg for space in government,
Yet denied of the right,
The rich enjoys the best,
Eating National cake alone.

Oh I weep!
What decision shall we make?
Who is the Messiah?
How do we decide to let the Messiah in, through the tinny gate of corruption?

“Racycodem” the government they promise,
enabling both poor and rich in government,
Yet they denied and embrace selfishness.

New Dawn! time of wise decision,
Time to let the Messiah in,
The time of Joy and progress.

Note: always remember that the decisions you make today can affect your ways of life tomorrow, it can affect you spiritually, materially, it can affect ur marital life, think carefully before making any big decisions.

I’m Comr. Oluwaseun Ogunniyi
Chief Executive Officer, 9janews24.com.ng

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