AMOTEKUN: Fadahunsi scolds Federal Government.


The recent plausible collective efforts of Governors of the southwest states in establishing the Western Nigeria Security Network, also known as OPERATION AMOTEKUN is a welcome Development to all Oodua descendants.

OPERATION AMOTEKUN is seen as a frantic effort and well designed strategy to solving the protracted security challenges of kidnapping, armed Banditry among others that keep rearing ugly heads within the Southwest states.

These are the reactions of comrade Dayo Fadahunsi,one of the leading Gubernatorial aspirants on the PDP platform. In a press statement today, he condemned the outburst of the Attorney-General of Federation for declaring the ‘Operation Amotekun’ as an illegal security outfit.

Comrade Fadahunsi said that there are security outfits of similar status in the Northern states of the country; insisting that what is good for goose is equally good for the gander. He however appeals to President Muhammadu Buhari to caution Attorney-General of the Federation to refrain from utterances that could instigate sense of tribal inequality among the component tribes in the country hence allow Amotekun outfit to stay, otherwise people may not have option than to result to Gen Danjuma’s advice of self-defense.

Comrade Fadahunsi charged the Southwest Governors and other Yoruba leaders not to play politics with the issue on ground for posterity sake, and never relent or betrayed the trust people reposed in them for the sake of political affluence.

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