Senate: Don’t confirm partisan electoral commissioners


Senate: Don’t confirm partisan electoral commissioners

An electoral commission is a body charged with the management of elections in a community. Although how it is composed is not necessarily uniform everywhere,ample effort is usually made in all cases by the body as soon it is inaugurated to guarantee fairness in the conduct of elections. The common trend is for the entity to consists of persons who have no partisan political inclinations and can thus be regarded as likely to be impartial in the handling of all matters relating to elections. In some jurisdictions however, the body is made up of representatives of political parties such that each of them has its interest guaranteed. Nigeria operates the former in which the body is seen as an impartial umpire, whose members may not be easily persuaded to support one group of actors against the other. In fact, Section 156 of our constitution prohibits a member of a political party from becoming a member of the electoral body, known in Nigeria as the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

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