Behold, ‘The monster has returned’


Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari (Photo by Mikhail METZEL / SPUTNIK / AFP)

I was there not as a resource person, but to deepen my understanding as a learner and a leader writer (editorialist) at a perilous time such as this. I took some notes, I would like to share with those who do not understand the significance of General Chris Ali’s ‘thesis’ in his book I have been quoting here: ‘The Federal Republic of the Nigerian Army’.  It has been disappointing that the event speaks to a general observation in recent time that there are not many reporters who understand the history of the struggle for democracy and democratization in Nigeria anymore. The event, which ordinarily produced so many front-page scoops and several revelations didn’t make front pages as expected. The event attracted many senior journalists who have retired from reporting and writing. I mean the event has been poorly reported so far. There were so many points at issue that would have been contextually reported in those days before democratic civilization ‘kicked us in the face’ in 1999. Even the title of this article, ‘…the monster has returned’ was a context that would have been well reported as a page-one lead. There were so many other stories leads from the very remarkable resource persons who spoke clearly and boldly at the colloquium on Citizen Dapo.

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