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Comr. Oluwaseun Ogunniyi Aditu pick Nomination form, promise service to Humanity


One of the leading aspirants vying for the post of General Secretary under the umbrella of the National Association of Ondo State Students, (NAOSS National Body), Comr. Oluwaseun Ogunniyi PKA ADITU has promised to serve to humanity.
Comr. Oluwaseun Ogunniyi (ADITU) disclosed this to Newsmen while picking his Nomination form on Friday, 3rd May, 2019 at the Ondo State Scholarship Board.
Oluwaseun who is a student of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, explained the necessity of picking a candidate who is interested in the welfare of his/her followers and the development of the association, the state and Nigeria as a whole.
He described his ambition with one of vision and mission towards representation of the interest of Ondo State Students. “I intentionally pick my nomination form because of my vision and mission for my institution, Ose Local Government, Ondo State and my nation Nigeria at large. It is a real fact that we need capable leaders who can easily work for the interest of their followers and serve their mother land sincerely without prejudice, I am ready to serve to humanity”.
Oluwaseun who was described as a leader who could face the rigours of any situation said he has put in place several measures to get all the members united including reinstatement of the dead local chapters in various institutions.
He added that maximum security is available for the association documents and data of the members through a standard digital data base system. “Getting all our members to be united has been my ultimate priority, bringing the state government closer to the students is my responsibility, keeping the document’s and data of our members for thousands of years without a damage or lost can only be achieved through a standard data base system which I have put in place and will be lunched as soon I emerged as the NAOSS National General Secretary”.
“I have flair for writing and reading and my experience as a general secretary in various capacity has made me to be qualified” said Comr. Oluwaseun Ogunniyi while asked what makes him to be qualified for the post of the NAOSS National General Secretary.
Oluwaseun pleaded that all stake holders and senators should support his vision and mission and promised that there won’t be any room for regrets. “Without the support and votes of our unbiased senators, it won’t be an easy task to emerge, so I plead for their maximum support”.
Comr. Oluwaseun Ogunniyi PKA ADITU who is an indigene of Ute/Afo in Ose Local Government Area of Ondo State have served in various capacity with a trait of leadership right from his primary school till date.
Report says he was appointed the Deputy senior prefect of AUD Pry School Idogun in the 2004/2005 Academic session, in 2012 he was given an award with the title Master of Social in a valedictory ceremony at Federal Government College Idoani base on his ability to influence others socially and emotionally.

Oluwaseun begin his political career in 2014/2015 session when he was first elected as the Public Relations officer of National Association of Social Sciences and Communication Studies RUGIPO Chapter, where his service was regarded as one with quality leadership.
Aditu was elected as the General Secretary of Ose Student’s Association of Nigeria and the General Secretary of National Association of Social Sciences and Communication Studies Students Rufus Giwa Polytechnic Owo respectively in the 2017/2018 Academic Session, he was also Nominated to participate at the Students Judiciary Council Rugipo Chapter where he served as one of the leading counsel.
It was gathered that Comr. Oluwaseun Ogunniyi who is one of the respected stakeholders in his faculty has never in a day stop agitating for the right of his followers.

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