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KXNG Crooked Rides With Hand On The

KXNG Crooked has subsided into his job as an OG rather pleasantly. The rapper, who invested energy in both Shaddy Records and Death Row, has encountered an abundance of stories; accordingly, his viewpoint on the amusement stays unparalleled, particularly where verifiable setting is concerned. Having addressed the man direct, it’s apparent the amount he adores hip-hop as a development, culture, and work of art. Presently, Crooked has come back with another portion of warmth, which initially dropped at the last part of a week ago, as a component of his progressing and patched up arrangement.

The latest exertion is “Pistol grip,” which discovers Convict taking to some vintage Heatmakerz generation. Of course, the bars arrive in a constant surge. He even spares a couple for those taking shots at Eminem, which feels coordinated at the interminably hostile to Slim Lord Jamar. “Despise on Eminem all you need he had the balls to sign a n***a,” raps Crook. “Bun B revealed to me long back you think these n***a need to rap with you? Think they all wanna get smacked up before they fans on a track with you?”

Peep Crooks’ most recent at the present time, and wonder about the sheer ability.

Quotable Lyrics

It’s Sunday I’m outshining n****s
Any given got the semi trippin’ like I’m really mixin
With the Henny sippin’ bitches give me chicken like I’m really pimpin’ 
On my bullshit like the skinny Pippen
Busy whippin in the Bentley Drippin,
Any victim in the city slippin’ add a extended clip and start spittin’ venom
Wet ’em up like they skinny dippin’
But don’t get fooled by the gun bars, en guard, get punch hard
Get punched quicker than a lunch card
Then I’m going to cut your ass like a trump card
Slump your ass like Slump God


####Credit Turnuplug###

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