Fellow colleagues, I hereby express my profound gratitude to you all for your calls and text messages regarding your concerns over the trauma I went through in my desperate struggle for escape from the recent kidnapping plot of the dare devil criminals at Iluabo,near Akure.

Throughout a week before the incident, there were constant premonitions that kidnappings could occur considering the fact that that brand of crime has become a recurring decimal in Owo-Akure and Ikare-Owo roads. I stronlgy believed and still believe that prayer would ward off all dangers, hence, I prayed fervently about the journey.

As I sighted the gunmen from a distance, I was determined to lam. In the hot race for escape, I fell on the highway and my two phones scattered in different directions. At that moment, I thought death had come, because two fast-moving vehicles were coming from the rear in the bid to flee the dangerous zone too, and I had submitted to fate that they would run over me as I was too weak to evade them. I quickly said my final prayer as it appeared my journey on earth would end there.

Miraculously, God decided that it was not yet time for my death. So, the drivers of the two vehicles dodged running over me. Subsequently, I managed to pick my android phone and rose to continue the race for survival. I eventually stopped running when I got to Mekun petrol station where many other affected travelers were seeking asylum.

There we were when some Policemen released gunshots into the air to scare away the kidnappers. But the crook gunmen had already succeeded in their plan to take some unlucky travelers and kids captive as they were shooting sporadically on their way into the forest. The mobile policemen who cleared the way signalled to us all to return into our vehicles to continue our journeys. On getting to where we left our vehicle, I realized it was nowhere to be found .Yet my travel box was in it.I opted to join any available vehicle to Akure Fiam! A good Samaritan, who also escaped the kidnapping plot offered me a ride in his official car whose body and headlamps had been damaged in the struggle for escape.

Glory b to God for His mercies over me. I thank our Creator for sparing Mr Olopete too. I really feel for my brother, Doki ( late Mr Taiwo Akinyemi) who suffered excessively and died in the hands of the marauding strangers that are now riding us anyhow unchecked.

As a matter of urgency, the thick bushes / forests at the right and left sides of Owo- Akure ,Owo-Ifon and Owo-Ikare roads should be cleared up to at least 100 meters both sides from the main roads .The roads should be adequately policed by a combination of policemen, soldiers and men of the ‘Civil Defence’. Government should know by now that this is war.

Therefore, air surveillance and airstrikes can’t be ruled out. Ground battles by soldiers should complement the air operations if government is really determined to rescue the state from the claws of the terrorists. But, if the current jelenke style of police assurance that they are on top of the situation is what we are made to believe, na huge dangerous joke be that o. May God increase His level of protection over all travelers in this month and beyond. It has been reported that the dare- devil criminals still struck this morning at Utelu area. So, government should know say no be wasa oooo. I thank all my wishers once again. May God take good care of our goings and comings.

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