Nigerian Youths Were Charged To Engage In Skill Acquisition



    “It is on record that there was a time in Nigeria in 1970s and early
    80s when fresh graduates from various tertiary institutions were getting jobs
    with cars attached from their employers. But today, graduates of 10 years and
    above work on the streets, searching for job that do not exist”. said the H.O.D.
    of the Department of Mass Communication, Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Ondo
    State. Mrs. Florence Iyaduni Adedowole
    while delivering a speech on
    at the Faculty week celebration of the Faculty
    of Social Sciences and Communication Studies, Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo 
    yesterday Thursday 6th December 2018.

    Florence who represented the guest speaker of the occassion, Dr.
    Raman Olaniyan Abubakri
    urged Nigerian youths and students to engage
    in vocational work during their leisure time, as this will enhance the Nations’
    Economic growth.

    She describes the experienced of the guest speaker of the occasion, Dr
    Raman Olaniyan Abubakri
    , who in an attempt to gain financial freedom
    developed interest in taxi driving after he left university in 1992 before he
    got a lecturing job.

    Florence described how unemployment has driven most Nigerian youths out of
    the country. “Unemployment has been pushing Nigerian youths outside
    Nigeria through the dangerous deserts and Mediterranean sea, where their lives
    are easily lost in exhaustion occasioned by extremely hot weather, robbery
    attacks and ship mishaps due to overloading”.

    She also pointed out some Nigerian graduates who are making waves in their
    varied entrepreneurship ventures having redirected their mindset towards self
    reliance’s “Taiwo Abiri is an Economics graduate of Obafemi Awolowo
    University, OAU, he learnt car repairs after his one year in the NYSC. In 2015
    alone, he made N25 Million ($126,000) as a motor mechanic

    Popoola Rasheed graduated from the Department of Mass Communication in 2014,
    today he is a telephone technician in Osogbo, Osun State.

    Saheed Olaitan studied Geology in FUTA,but today he earns a living with
    tiling, he is married with children.

    Mr. Sule Ismaila graduated from Kaduna Polytechnic in 2002, along the line
    he learnt graphic art and design on the plane of ICT. Today, he does not wait
    for RUGIPO authorities to pay salaries as his business fetches
    him daily income.”

    While addressing the challenges in vocational business, Florence Adedowole
    said Funding, Multiple Taxation, Insecurity, Disturbance from
    related associations, Pride, Discouragement from friends and relations,
    Negative attitudes of Trainers to the Trainees 
    have been regarded
    as the major challenges which required the commitment of the trainees, the
    trainers, the funding Institutions and the government both at the Local,
    State,Federal level to the cause and task reducing poverty syndrome which has
    been multiplying geometrically due to the ever growing rate of unemployment in

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